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ReeR Academy

All-round safety for your installations

Technical information, tutorials and tips for the safe control of machines and automated production systems.
We know that automated machines and systems, due to their functionality, pose potential risks to workers. 
A risk assessment is therefore necessary and action must be implemented to reduce this risk to an acceptable level.

Discover the sections, Safety Guide, ABC Safety Pills, Regulatory Committee and our Workshops!

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Light Curtains For Industrial Safety Applications

EOS4 is a compact safety light curtain range with competitive performance and innovative features. Includes models with integrated safety functions such as self-monitoring static outputs, control of external contactors (EDM), and selectable automatic or manual restart. 2 safety PNP static outputs.

Easy connection and installation thanks to the M12 connectors and the use of unshielded cables up to 100 meters.

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EOS WTHF Special models


Watertight Enclosures

EOS and ADMIRAL Watertight Enclosures

A unique protection for harsh environments.
Watertight enclosures allow light curtains to be used in a harsh working environments with exposure to water and steam.

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Explosion-Proof Safety Light Curtains

EOS4 ATEX, Safety light curtain for access protection in environments with potentially explosive atmosphere.

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EOS High vibration resistance


Special Models

High Vibrations safety light curtains

EOS4 special models resistant to vibration.
Strong capability to maintain alignment even in challenging environments.

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Safety Controllers 

modulars safety integrated controllers

Discover Mosaic’s, our reliable, versatile and configurable Modular Safety Integrated Controller, the ideal solution for managing all safety devices of your machine or plant.

Mosaic is a safety controller able to manage all safety functions of machinery. It is configurable and scalable by providing cost reductions and minimal wiring.

ReeR Safety Interfaces provide dedicated stand-alone modules for controlling safety devices.

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R-Safe RFID switches

Contactless safety sensor 

The application of R-Safe RFID sensors can be extremely wide thanks to the compact and versatile design.
The highest level of coding allows the sensors to be paired only with the assigned actuators.

The RFID technology used allows to reach safety levels up to PL e/SIL 3.

The RFID technology enables R-Safe RFID safety sensors to be individually coded in three different ways to allow the appropriate tampering protection in all applications. The highest configurations allow each safety sensor to be paired with one only assigned actuator.

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Carlo Pautasso Technical Director ReeR


Carlo Pautasso

Technical Director

Joining ReeR in 1996 as an electronics designer, Carlo Pautasso backed by a strong experience in the world of electronics and mechanics.

«We are a lean company, we develop products that are as easy to use as possible, even in the complexity of their functions. And also tailor-made. So much so that some companies in the industry turn to us for the production of safety devices and then sell them under their own brand names.»

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Webinar ReeR Academy



Technical and application insight

What you will learn
Each one-hour session is dedicated to a specific product and includes:
– main operational features and benefits
– safety standards
– models, accessories, range and application cases

Our experts at your disposal
15-minute Q&A with our Sales Support Service experts at the end of each session.

Free registration
Just click on the most convenient time slot and fill in the registration form page.

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Our products

Safety Light Curtains

Ensure the safety of your personnel, plant, and machinery by utilizing ReeR safety light curtains. These reliable solutions offer comprehensive coverage for all safety requirements in the realm of industrial automation, guaranteeing optimal safety and efficiency.

Safety Controllers and Interfaces

Discover Mosaic's, our reliable, versatile and configurable Modular Safety Integrated Controller, the ideal solution for managing all safety devices of your machine or plant.

ReeR Safety Interfaces provide dedicated stand-alone modules for controlling safety devices.

Safety Devices

Contactless Safety Sensors: RFID, Proximity and Magnetic, Safety Encoders, Safety Switches with Locking and Interlocking Functions, Safety Photocells and Laser Scanners.


Measurement Light Curtains

Our light curtains for industrial and civil applications dedicated to object detection, measurement and recognition. Micron offers a solution for your every need.


Packaging plant

Protecting palletizing systems, especially where the material is uneven and not easily stackable, e.g. palletizing systems for sacks or other material that is not easily stackable, with seams, labels and protrusions; involves a great deal of difficulty in adapting sensors and control units.
To achieve a high degree of flexibility in the plant’s safety system, the light curtains and muting sensors are managed by Mosaic Safety Controller.
This solution makes it easy to adapt the safety system to the plant.

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Operator safety is paramount in the use of industrial production machinery.

Some of the applications of ReeR safety products:
Inductive safety sensors typically used in all applications that require safe, non-contact, physical detection of a metal object.
Speed control in woodworking machines that use systems for automatic or manual changing of machining tools.

The protection of assembly benches and automations with different levels of operator interaction.

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Process plant

In process plants, many sensors are analogue: flow meters, level gauges, load cells, pressure switches, temperature gauges, and among them the sensors that override the safety of the plant.

Mosaic modules with MA4 and MA2 analogue inputs according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, and the EN IEC 61508 series of standards, can be used in process plants, for SIS systems and SIF functions (see IEC 61511-1:2016).

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Food & Beverage

Use of ReeR applications in the food and beverage industry.
Low or high operating temperatures and the need for frequent washing with water and detergents create various problems for safety sensors

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Storage systems

Safe speed control systems and systems for measuring objects in automatic warehouses and storage systems are some of the safety and automation applications realised with Mosaic speed control modules and Micron measuring barriers.

Additional operator safety protection can be realised with safety barriers.

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Car Lift, automated parking, Automatic Car wash system are tipical application of safety product in plants related to the automotive supply chain.
Example: In order to achieve significant cost savings and reduce environmental impact, modern car wash facilities allow to adjust the quantity of detergent dispensed and to select the most appropriate washing program automatically.
It is not therefore enough to measure the height of the vehicle and consequently adjust the movement of the brushes, but it becomes necessary to recognize dimensional characteristics and shape of the vehicle.

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ReeR in South Korea

ReeR products are available in South Korea at authorized distributors.

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