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Contactless RFID Safety Switch
Safety switches for position control of mouvable guards.


Programmable access control barrier with integrated Muting functions
(2022 EN)
The Safegate Type 4 range of access control barriers is the ideal solution for the protection of a vast number of high-risk industrial applications, in particular those requiring a high level of integration of the Muting functions.


Modular Safety Integrated Controller (2022 EN)
A unique safety controller: modular, expandable and configurable.
Mosaic is a safety hub able to manage all safety functions of a machinery or a plant. Allows cost reductions and minimal wiring.


Compact Safety Light Curtain (2022 EN)
EOS Safety Light Curtains and Grids: one simple product range to cover most of today’s industrial applications.


Measurement and automation light curtains (2022 EN)
Light curtains for industrial and civil applications where it is necessary to detect, measure, and recognise objects