High Vibrations safety light curtains 

EOS4 special models resistant to vibration

  • High vibrations resistance
  • Shocks resistance

Strong capability to maintain alignment even in challenging environments.

EOS High vibration

Resistant to high vibrations

Optimal alignment also in high vibration installation. Ideal solution for:

  • Presses
  • Punch Press Machine
  • Spinning machines
  • Textile machinery


EOS high vibration application

Main Features

  • Max. range:
    up to 6 m for 14 mm resolution and reduced range models
    up to 12 m for other models.
  • 160 ÷ 1810 mm protected height
  • 28 x 30 mm2 cross section only
  • No dead zone on one side 90° installation with resolution < 40 mm in the corner
  • -30 ÷ 55 °C operating temperature
  • Protection degree IP 65 and IP 67
  • Feedback input for external relays monitoring (EDM)
  • All connections and setting adjustments through M12 5-pole and 8-pole connectors.
  • Unshielded cables up to 100 meter long
EOS AT and XT models high vibration resistant


  • ATAutomatic Start/Restart 
    Resolution: 30 mm (Hand)
  • ATLAutomatic Start/Restart 
    Resolution: 30 mm (Hand)
    Reduced range
  • XTIntegrated functions
    Resolution: 14 mm (Finger), 30 mm (Hand)
  • XTLIntegrated functions
    Resolution: 14 mm (Finger), 30 mm (Hand)
    Reduced range
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Accessories required for installation

SAV vibration dampers

The SAV vibration dampers have been designed to avoid mechanical damage to the light curtains installed in those applications which have a high level of vibrations.

Data sheet

FE 4 flat brackets

The FE 4 brackets, with a thickness of only 4 mm, allow proper fastening of the EOS light curtains. Optional brackets as an alternative to those supplied with the light curtains.

Data sheet
SFB P Brachet

SFB P brackets

Set of 4 pole-mounting brackets for EOS light curtains, Diameter 27 mm.
Optional bracketa as an alternative to those supplied with the light curtains.

Data sheet
ATEX light curtains

Atex (Ex) safety light curtains

ATEX Zone 2/22 Enclosure

Designed to secure operators working in potentially explosive atmospheres

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