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ReeR safety products are used in most industries where machinery and plants need to be secured.
In this section you will discover some safety solutions and applications where ReeR products are used.

Areas of application

Process Plant

In process plants, many sensors are analogue: flow meters, level gauges, load cells, pressure switches, temperature gauges, and among them the
sensors that override the safety of the plant.

Packaging Plant

Protecting palletizing systems, especially where the material is uneven and not easily stackable, e.g. palletizing systems for sacks or other material that is not easily stackable, with seams, labels and protrusions; involves a great deal of difficulty in adapting sensors and control units.

Storage Systems

Safe speed control systems and systems for measuring objects in automatic warehouses and storage systems are some of the safety and automation applications realised with Mosaic speed control modules and Micron measuring barriers.


Car Lift, automated parking, Automatic Car wash system are typical application of safety product in plants related to the automotive supply chain.


Operator safety is paramount in the use of industrial production machinery and manufacturing plants.

Food & Beverage

Use of ReeR applications in the food and beverage industry.
Low or high operating temperatures and the need for frequent washing with water and detergents create various problems for safety sensors

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