Watertight enclosures for safety light curtains

A unique protection for harsh environments

  • Watertight enclosures allow light curtains to be used in a harsh working environments with exposure to water and steam
  • Products protected by watertight (WT) enclosures are capable of
    resisting to water jets under pressure up to an IP69K protection grade
  • The WT housings furthermore provides a further mechanical
    protection of the light curtain
  • Heated versions (H) with a thermostatically-controlled heating system (can work down to -25°C)
  • Food-graded versions certified to Ecolab standards (F)

The use of inert and non-toxic components allow WTF and WTHF enclosures
to be used in the Food & Beverage industry, where frequent washdown procedures are requested.

EOS Watertight Enclosures

Main Features

  • IP69K protection grade
  • Anti-condensation system trough integrated GORE valve
  • Max. water pressure jets: 80 … 100 bar at 80° C (± 5° C)
  • Electrical connections: 10-metre cable pre-wired with cable gland
  • PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) transparent enclosure
  • POM-C (acetal resin DELRIN®) sealing caps

The small EOS WTF and WTHF cylindrical enclosure (only 56 mm diameter) is IP69K protection-rate tested and can withstand up to 80 bar of water jets pressure at the temperature of +80 °C.

Admiral/Vision Watertight Enclosures

Main Features

  • IP67 protection grade
  • Valve to drain humidity and avoid condensation
  • Tightness to 40 bar water jet pressure
  • Electrical connections by 10 m pre-wired cable
  • Polycarbonate transparent housing
  • PVC sealing caps

Watertight enclosures allow light curtains and light grids to be used in a harsh working environments with exposure to water and steam.