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MSD New release 1.9.2

The new release of the Mosaic Configurator Designer.

We have introduced some interesting new features to make it even more intuitive and easy to use: automatic software update; activation of user licence, automatic connection between operators, management of slave module versions, automatic assignment of inputs/outputs.

SR -Interfaces

Safety interfaces are a dedicated interfaces between safety sensors and devices and control circuits of the machine or plant.
We are proud to present the totally revamped range.

R-SAFE – RFID Safety Switches

 ReeR presents the new RFID sensor range.

The different design and technology options as well as the complete mechanical compatibility with the Magnus MG and RFID sensors “S” series, make this product extremely valuable for users.

The RFID technology enables R-Safe RFID sensors to be coded in three
different ways to allow the appropriate tampering protection in all applications.

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New membership

ReeR Ibérica is a member of the Spanish Association of Robotics and Automation!
AER Automation is a non-profit association founded in 1985 that brings together the main players in the industrial, service and educational automation and robotics market: Manufacturers, Distributors, Engineering, Integrators, Technology Centers, Startups, Universities, Centers Training and user companies.
AER autoimation
ReeR India

Opening of the India subsidiary office

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new ReeR Safety subsidiary office in India, filled with immense excitement and pleasure! The addition of this office marks a significant milestone for us, as we eagerly embrace our new team and anticipate the remarkable accomplishments we will achieve collectively.

To all our new team members, namely Kannika Parameswari Murugan, Nikhil Ghavnalkar, Chandeshwar Kumar, nikunj chitroda, and our Director Zavier Paul Antony, we extend a warm welcome. We envision you as our partners on this journey and eagerly look forward to nurturing a culture of growth, development, and collaborative learning. At our company, we strongly believe in empowering our employees, and we are thrilled to collaborate and create something extraordinary together.

ReeR Ibérica – Subsidiary Office

Let us introduce you to ReeR lbérica, our subsidiary office located in Barcelona, Spain. 

Our new colleagues Deiber Perdomo Acevedo, Javier Rodríguez Cantón, Esther Torres and Saul Perez will expand ReeR’s presence in Spain by providing logistical support to the local market. ReeR Ibérica was created to provide security solutions to application engineering and to expand customer service.

Opening of the USA subsidiary office

ReeR Safety is pleased to announce the opening of their first U.S. location in Loveland, Ohio, on November 1, 2021. ReeR Safety is a leading global provider of safety automation equipment including light curtains, controllers, sensors, relays, and interlock switches. ReeR Safety is a division of ReeR SpA, based in Turin, Italy. The new U.S. presence will expand Sales, Application Engineering, and Customer Service support, along with providing localized inventory for the North American market.

ReeR Safety’s expansion into the North American market follows their continuous commitment to provide Customers with industry-leading solutions and consistent support, wherever they are in the world. 


ReeR Safety has been a proud sponsor of the latest “EACC TRANSFORM: INDUSTRY 4.0 Symposium”, co-organized by Altix Consulting in partnership with the European American Chamber of Commerce – Cincinnati and Modula USA. A further step into understanding the pillars of automation and digital transformation: PEOPLE – PROCESS – TECHNOLOGY.
Technology and Innovation Automation Industry 40
ReeR South Korea

Opening new sales office in South Korea

ReeR Safety announces the opening of its new commercial office in Haeundae Gu, Busan, Korea at Knn Tower.

ReeR Korea was born from the need for a strong presence in an area where industrial automation is at the highest levels.
Best wishes to our new colleagues: Hansang kim, Choi Sung Wook and Tae Hun Kim

ReeR has been awarded the title of “Excellent Company 2019”

The Economics editorial staff of “Corriere della Sera”, Italy’s most important daily newspaper, and “ItalyPost”, after analyzing approximately 15 thousand Financial statements belonging to the SME world (companies with a turnover between 20 and 120 million euro), have finally published the list of the 500 Champions Companies for 2019.

We are proud to announce that ReeR SpA has been again included in this special list of companies, which have been able to innovate, re-launch and grow even in the years of the economic crisis.
Italy post - Corriere della sera

ReeR China – Subsidiary office

Let us introduce you to ReeR China, our subsidiary office located in Shanghai, China. Headed by Mr Zhang together with Chen, Daniel, Herbert, Sara and Tomas, ReeR China has been serving the local market since 2015.