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Protecting palletizing systems, especially where the material is uneven and not easily stackable, e.g. palletizing systems for sacks or other material that is not easily stackable, with seams, labels and protrusions; involves a great deal of difficulty in adapting sensors and control units.
To achieve a high degree of flexibility in the plant’s safety system, the light curtains and muting sensors are managed by Mosaic Safety Controller.
This solution makes it easy to adapt the safety system to the plant.

Protection of palletizers for sacks

Protection of Palletizers with irregular loads

To achieve high flexibility of the safety system of the plant, light curtains and muting sensors are managed by Mosaic Safety Controller.

Protect palletising systems for sacks or in any case of material not easily stacked, with the presence of seams, labels and protrusions that may randomly change the geometric shape of the pallet and thereby cause false signals from the sensors.

This solution allows you to easily adapt the safety system on the plant and guarantees compliance with the regulatory requirements on Muting sensor geometry and all other safety-related parameters, as per IEC TS 62046 and other current standards.

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Protect palletising systems

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ADMIRAL Safety light curtains

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ADMIRAL or VISION light curtain








Protection of pallet handling system with platform palletizer

Protecting a palletising system with a platform palletiser and wrapping machine able to stack boxes of different heights

To achieve high flexibility of the safety system of the plant, the light curtains, Muting sensors safety switches and e-stops used are handled by the Mosaic Safety Controller.

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EOS4 with muting functions

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One-way openings with pallet exit

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EOS4 Safety light curtains
Muting Functions