Vertical automatic

Machine safety function

The ReeR EOS model, with its reduced section, meets the first requirement of the customer to integrate the light curtains in the machine structure.


The system must be able to measure the maximum height of objects
placed in the drawer. For this detection is used a measurement light curtain placed inside the automatic storage as shown in the figure.

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The following application has been developed for “System Logistics” new generation of vertical storage systems: Modula Lift

The metal drawers are picked up and stored in picking bays by means of an automatic elevator fully managed by a hardware and software system that integrates all the machine measurement and safety functions

Rail dependent
storage and
retrieval equipment

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Using the Safety Speed Monitoring Interface SV MR0 in applications using stacker cranes and rail dependent retrieval and transfer equipment 

Monitor the movement speed of stacker cranes for collection and storage of material and transfer equipment between aisles in logistics systems ASRS (Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems), vertical automated warehouses and warehouses with satellites.

The standard reference for this type of application is EN ISO 528 of February 2009 “Rail dependent storage and retrieval equipment Safety requirements”.

This standard is applicable to all types of machines which are restricted to rails for travelling within and outside the aisles.

They also include lifting means and possibly lateral handling facilities, to store and retrieve unit loads and/or long goods materials and/or order picking or similar duties.