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M5 vert

Technical data
Multibeams Photocells

Through-beam barrier type photocell with 5 beams.

Solution for piece counting and detection of object presence/absence in the controlled field.

Ideal for use as a Muting sensor in palletizers that handle irregular loads and pallets.

With a compact metal housing and a polycarbonate protective front window it offers the right degree of robustness ideal also in the most demanding environments.

Backlit top cover with status LED.

Operative range (m)0 .. 3 (0 ... 5 M5H models)
Beam spacing (mm)10
Measurement time (ms)< 100
Output0 or 24 Vcc (PNP 100 mA at 24 VDC) dark-on
SignallingLEDs for operating status
Power supply VDC24 +/- 20%
Fastening modeBack slot with L brackets
Cross-section dimensions (mm)28 x 30
  • Installation as Muting sensor, allows to detect also the most difficult object like, for example, piles of pallets
  • Quality control: verification of presence or absence of objects

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