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Muting, automation photocells

Fotocellule M5 vert

Multi-beam and single beam photocells for Muting and automation

M5 photocell is a Through-beam barrier type photocell with 5 beams. Ideal for installation as Muting sensor, allows to detect also the most difficult objects like, for example, piles of pallets.

MTRX is a single-beam retro-reflection photocell, consisting of an Active TX/RX and a Retro-reflector (to be ordered separately). it is used as a Muting sensor in palletisers and plant that handle pallets
and loads with regular shape. It has the advantage of simplified wiring.

Both with a compact metal housing and a polycarbonate protective front window, it offers the right degree of robustness ideal also in the most demanding environments.
The integrated status signalling lamp allows to easily verify the status of the system.




Multi-beam photocells


Single beam retro-reflector photocells