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Technical data
Light curtains for measurement, automation and control

3 models available in relations to the outputs.

The Metronconf Configuration software for PC, with graphic user interface, is supplied with each light curtain (models A and B only).

Beam spacing available: 5 ... 75 mm.

Controlled height: 140 ... 2525 mm.

Max. range:

  • 2 m - models with beams spacing 5 mm
  • 6 m - models with beams spacing 25, 50, 75 mm
  • 16 m - models with beams spacing 10, 30mm

Connections with M12 and M16 connectors. Up to 50 m of electrical connections with unshielded cables.

Possibility of connection of up to 8 Metron B light curtains as nodes of an RS-485 serial line for simultaneous detection of multiple dimensions and complex measurements.

Controlled heights (mm)140 ... 2525
Beam spacing (mm)5, 10, 25, 30, 50, 75
Max. range2 m for models with beam spacing 5 mm
6 m for models with beam spacing 25, 50, 75 mm
16 mfor models with beam spacing 10, 30 mm
Measurement time(2,25 ms + 70 µs x n raggi) x 2
Synchronisation between emitter and receiverOptical or via cable, selectable
Signalling7-segment display and LEDs for operating status and light curtain self-diagnosis
Power supply (VDC)24 ± 20%
Max. length connection cables between light curtain and interface50 m
Operating temperature (°C)0 ... 55
Protection ratingIP 65
Fastening modeBack slot, side slot, or to the top and lower end with swivel brackets
Cross-section dimensions (mm)35 x 45 mm

Possibility for on-line display on PC screen during operation (via RS-232) to display the status of each individual beam and solid state outputs.

Configurable parameters:

  • Operating logic (conditions for output activation),
  • parameters of the RS-485 serial line (transmission method, baud rate, parity, start-stop characters, binary, hex, ascii format, etc.).
  • Measurement of the height of objects in transit on conveyor systems
  • Quality control: verification of presence, absence or position of holes
  • Two-dimensional detection of objects in transit on conveyor systems with use of 2 light curtains
  • Automatic warehouses
  • Measurement and identification of cylinders of various sizes
  • Detection of position and profile of pieces in automatic painting systems
  • Loop control
  • Quality control: verification of correct positioning of objects
  • Detection of overall dimensional limits of vehicles for vehicle handling in automatic parking garages
  • Measurement of the width and position of panels or sheets of material in transit on roller units or conveyor belts

Lista modelli - METRON



0/24 VDC digital outputs


RS 485 serial interface with programmable functions


Antivalent solid state outputs

Available models

Model Height of controlled area Beam spacing Beams Code