Multifunction safety relay

Operating modes

The new SR Select allows four different operating modes offering the possibility to connect and control different types of safety devices, including:

  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Solid-State-Output Devices (i.e. RFID safety switches),
  • Dual-Channel Emergency Stops
  • Two-Hand Controls and Type 2 Safety Photocells

Main features

  • Different safety functions selectable via rotary switch
  • Selectable manual or automatic restart
  • 2 N.O. outputs with guided contact safety relays
  • 1 system monitor PNP output
  • 1 external contactors feedback input
  • 1 system test input (for Type 2 safety photocells)
  • 2 test outputs for electro-mechanical devices

Operating modes selectable via the Rotary Switch

Switch position
Operating mode
Operating function
PProg.Programming mode start
11AOSSD double input, automatic restart mode
21COSSD double input, monitored restart mode
32AGate monitoring/Emergency stop function, automatic restart mode
42MGate monitoring/Emergency stop function, manual restart mode (not monitored)
52CGate monitoring/Emergency stop function, monitored restart mode

Two-hand control (2 NO contacts), automatic restart mode

73CTwo-hand control, (changeover contact) automatic restart mode
84AType 2 photocells control, automatic restart mode
94CType 2 photocells control, monitored restart mode