Multifunction safety relay

Operating modes

The new SR Select allows four different operating modes offering the possibility to connect and control different types of safety devices, including:

  • Safety Light Curtains
  • Solid-State-Output Devices (i.e. RFID safety switches),
  • Dual-Channel Emergency Stops
  • Two-Hand Controls and Type 2 Safety Photocells

Main features

  • Different safety functions selectable via rotary switch
  • Selectable manual or automatic restart
  • 2 N.O. outputs with guided contact safety relays
  • 1 system monitor PNP output
  • 1 external contactors feedback input
  • 1 system test input (for Type 2 safety photocells)
  • 2 test outputs for electro-mechanical devices

Operating modes selectable via the Rotary Switch

Switch position
Operating mode
Operating function
P Prog. Programming mode start
1 1A OSSD double input, automatic restart mode
2 1C OSSD double input, monitored restart mode
3 2A Gate monitoring/Emergency stop function, automatic restart mode
4 2M Gate monitoring/Emergency stop function, manual restart mode (not monitored)
5 2C Gate monitoring/Emergency stop function, monitored restart mode
6 3A

Two-hand control (2 NO contacts), automatic restart mode

7 3C Two-hand control, (changeover contact) automatic restart mode
8 4A Type 2 photocells control, automatic restart mode
9 4C Type 2 photocells control, monitored restart mode