Stand-alone configurable safety controller

Main features

16 safety inputs

4 inputs for Start/Restart interlock, EDM or single input devices

safety output

4 pairs OSSD safety outputs (PNP 400 mA)

safety output

4 SIL 1/PL c status outputs (PNP 100 mA)

64 logical operators

A compact and configurable safety controller

Bringing full configuration capabilities at the cost of a standard safety relay.

MZERO is a stand-alone configurable safety hub able to manage all safety functions of a machinery or a plant, allowing cost reductions and minimal wiring.

MZERO can manage safety sensors and signals such as:

Light curtains, photocells, laser scanners, emergency stops, electromechanical switches, guard-lock door switches, magnetic switches, RFID switches, mats and edges, two-hand controls and hand grip switches.


  • Reducing the number of devices and wiring used and, therefore, the overall size of the project
  • Speeding-up control panel construction
  • Allows tamper-proof system configurations.All logic is configured through a graphic interface
  • No more laborious wiring is needed as with traditional solutions
  • A lower number of electromechanical components also means a better Performance Level and, therefore, a higher Safety Level
  • The project report provides the actual values of PFH, DCavg and MTTFd according to EN 13849-1 and EN 62061
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MZERO Safety Designer

Easy-to-use designer software included with the MZERO unit.
Drag & Drop functionality allows to easily create all logic scenarios in a machine directive compliant environment.

Real-Time Monitor
MSD Monitor Function
MSD Simulation Function

The MZERO can be hard wired to the MR units to add safety relay outputs to the system