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JUNE 2017


ReeR awarded as Excellent Company 2017

4.0: technology and organization sustaining company's talent", held in Milan, Italy, in cooperation with Borsa Italiana, Elite and Global Strategy.

ReeR SpA has been proudly awarded the title of “Excellent Company 2017”. Contributing to this success, the financial strength of the Company as well as the ability of exploring niche markets, promote investment processes, internationalise and innovate.

Receiving the prestigious award, Mr Simone Scaravelli, MD of ReeR SpA, in the picture with Mrs Antonella Negri-Clementi, President and MD of Global Strategy.




Certificato Energia Verde 2016

Environmental Policy

For ReeR environmental and workplace health and safety management, is an absolute priority.

For the safeguard of environmental resources, ReeR uses advanced technologies for the plants in order to save resources and reduce air, soil and water pollution, and constantly monitors activities to ensure maximum system efficiency.

Within a ecological management, in order to save natural resources ReeR guarantees that all the energy used in its plants is produced entirely from renewable sources.



assembling line

Turned on the second SMD assembling line

In the images the pick and place machine (ASM SIPLACE XS2), the serigraphic machine and the SMD lead-free compatible reflow oven for the new SMD assembling line installed in the in Turin plant.

The new assembling line, with a  Placement performance of 102.000 comp./h, allows a considerable increase in the electronic boards production.

The high flexibility of PCBs and electronic components management, also allows to improve the production process.

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