Simone Scaravelli guest at Pole Position

The interview with Simone Scaravelli, CEO of ReeR SpA, Pole Position (2019 Italian with English subtitle)

Installation of the Mosaics in the hall of the ReeR’s building

Backstage of the installation of 4 mosaics by “7eventi” in the hall of the ReeR’s buiding in Turin.


ReeR in SPS IPC Drivers Nuremberg (2014 EN)

Interview with Mr. Luciano Bersanetti (Ex. Marketing director) in SPS Nuremberg

ReeR in SPS Parma (2014)

The interview with Daniele de Rossi, Italy Sales Manager of ReeR SpA, during the  2014 edition of SPS Parma.
ReeR, Italian leader in the production of optoelectronic safety sensors, continues its growth on domestic and foreign markets.