Automation Expo 2023

South East Asia’s Largest Automation & Instrumentation Exhibition in 16 years. 20,000+ products, and 1100 exhibitors converge in 1 place.

Come and join us at ReeR’s booth C4 in Hall 1
from 23 to 26 August at BEC, Goregoan East, Mumbai.

Automation in today’s world has become omnipresent for almost every person living on this planet. Be it the simplest of Automation machines, this rapid advancement in technology surrounds us. 

Automation Expo has been leveraging this advancement by providing a one-of-its-kind platform where you can witness technological advances in factory automation, turnkey solutions, field instrumentation, robotics, and many more, all under one roof. 

Come to our booth to discover the ReeR products and R-Safe, the new RFID safety sensor.


  • Safety Sensors – Contactless sensors: Magnetic, Inductive and RFID safety switches for position control of movable guards.
  • Mosaic – Modular Safety Integrate Controller with M1S COM, the new master unit with integrated fieldbus interface and MZERO the Stand-Alone safety controller
  • EOS – Safety light curtains
  • Micron IOL – Measurement light curtains