Inductive safety

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The PI-Safe inductive safety sensors can generally be installed in all those applications that require a non-contact and safe detection of a metal object

we are analyzing two of the most common applications:

  • Detection of the correct and safe position of a rotary table in an assembly machine
  • Safety control of the position and stroke of a bin tipper


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Woodworking machines with automatic tool selector (typically CNC machines) where operations are controlled by an integrated PLC

The most popular applications are the following:

  • Drilling machines
  • Lathes, calendula burs
  • Milling machines

These machines operate with different tools controlled and selected by an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC). It is therefore possible to operate the machines with or without operator intervention.
The main elements of an ATC are:

  • The tool magazine
  • The exchange group

For this type of machines, as specified by the standards, the control of the safety speed of each tool during operations is mandatory.

Machine for
footware industry

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List of machines for the footwear industry using light curtins, magnetic switches and the safety controller

Heel seat pounding machine

Heel seat pounding machine – sistems for cementing and coupling

Safety: Automation light curtains – Safety light curtains – Stop Button


Safety: Stop Button – Magnetic switches

Clicking Presses

Safety: Magnetic switches – Safety Light curtains – Stop button

Flat cutting island

Safety; Safety Light curtains

Heel seat and side lasters

Safety: Safety Light curtains – Stop button

Injection Moulding Machines

Injection Moulding Machines for the footwear branch

Safety: Stop button – Safety Light curtains – Tappeti di sicurezza

Pad printing - Varnishing

Safety: Automation light curtains – Safety Light curtains – Stop button

Automatic assembly

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Protection of assembly lines with different levels of interaction with operators.

The operator must enter the work pieces and start the machine using a start command. During the machine cycle the operator gate is protected by light curtains.

The height of the light curtains protects the entire working areas.

The height of the light curtains prevents from reaching the dangerous point also if leaning above the last beam of vertical lght curtain.

The height of the light curtain and its position are in relation to the minimum safety distance: (S = K x T + C).