A3 Association for Advancing Automation

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass ReeR Safety offiziell der A3 Association for Advancing Automation beigetreten ist. A3 ist Nordamerikas größter Handelsverband für Automatisierung und vertritt mehr als 1.100 Organisationen, die in den Bereichen Robotik, künstliche Intelligenz, maschinelles Sehen und Bildgebung, Bewegungssteuerung und Motoren sowie verwandte Automatisierungstechnologien tätig sind.


Opening of the USA subsidiary office

ReeR Safety is pleased to announce the opening of their first U.S. location in Mason, Ohio, on November 1, 2021. ReeR Safety is a leading global provider of safety automation equipment including light curtains, controllers, sensors, relays, and interlock switches. ReeR Safety is a division of ReeR SpA, based in Turin, Italy. The new U.S. presence will expand Sales, Application Engineering, and Customer Service support, along with providing localized inventory for the North American market.

ReeR Safety’s expansion into the North American market follows their continuous commitment to provide Customers with industry-leading solutions and consistent support, wherever they are in the world. 



ReeR Safety war stolzer Sponsor des neuesten „EACC TRANSFORM: INDUSTRY 4.0 Symposium“, das von Altix Consulting in Partnerschaft mit der europäisch-amerikanischen Handelskammer – Cincinnati und Modula USA – mitorganisiert wurde. Ein weiterer Schritt zum Verständnis der Säulen der Automatisierung und digitalen Transformation: PEOPLE – PROCESS – TECHNOLOGY.


Opening new sales office in South Korea

ReeR Safety announces the opening of its new commercial office in Haeundae Gu, Busan, Korea at Knn Tower.

ReeR Korea was born from the need for a strong presence in an area where industrial automation is at the highest levels.
Best wishes to our new colleagues: Hansang kim, Choi Sung Wook and Tae Hun Kim

JUNE 2019

ReeR do Brasil – Subsidiary Office

Let us introduce you to ReeR do Brasil, our subsidiary office located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Headed by Hamilton Sakamoto, with the support of Bárbara Costa and Daniela Scomparim

MARCH 2018

ReeR rewarded for its financial performance

The Economics editorial staff of “Corriere della Sera”, Italy’s most important daily newspaper, and “ItalyPost”, after analyzing approximately 15 thousand Financial statements belonging to the SME world (companies with a turnover between 20 and 120 million euro), have finally published the list of the 500 Champions Companies for 2018.

We are proud to announce that ReeR SpA has been included in this special list of companies, which have been able to innovate, re-launch and grow even in the years of the economic crisis.
We are among the best Italian SMEs for growth of the average annual turnover and for financial solidity between 2010 and 2016.

Last 16th March 2018 a workshop study was held in Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan, headquarter of the Italian Stock Exchange, with the 500 champion companies and various representatives of the industrial and economic world.


ReeR China – Subsidiary office

Let us introduce you to ReeR China, our subsidiary office located in Shanghai, China. Headed by Mr Zhang together with Chen, Daniel, Herbert, Sara and Tomas, ReeR China has been serving the local market since 2015.


Environmental Policy

For ReeR environmental and workplace health and safety management, is an absolute priority.

For the safeguard of environmental resources, ReeR uses advanced technologies for the plants in order to save resources and reduce air, soil and water pollution, and constantly monitors activities to ensure maximum system efficiency.

Within a ecological management, in order to save natural resources ReeR guarantees that all the energy used in its plants is produced entirely from renewable sources.


Lean Manufacturing Criteria adopted in the production process

Since a few weeks our production process has been reorganized according to criteria of Lean Manufacturing.

This methodology for mass production aims at minimizing waste while it organizes all tasks smoothly and without interruption, according to the „pull“ logic (an activity is carried out only when it is required by the next process).

The rhythm of the production activity is thus driven entirely by customer demand.

The production process, which is flexible and a function of the customer needs, is characterized by the use of standard operating procedures, order and reasoned placement of the workstations and continuous search for improvements.

The application of this production method has led us to the ability to plan production and meet the promised delivery DAY. At the same time, the increase in production capability permits us to gurantee a delivery time of maximum 10 working days for every item delivered.


Turned on the second SMD assembling line

In the images the pick and place machine (ASM SIPLACE XS2), the serigraphic machine and the SMD lead-free compatible reflow oven for the new SMD assembling line installed in the in Turin plant.

The new assembling line, with a  Placement performance of 102.000 comp./h, allows a considerable increase in the electronic boards production.

The high flexibility of PCBs and electronic components management, also allows to improve the production process.